Widest Calf Rain Boots in US - Free Shipping on All Boots

Extra Wide Calf

Our extra wide calf rain boots are the widest fitting boots available in the US, and probably the world. Our unique patented double gusset design allows them to fit up to 23 inch calves.

They are built from the sole upwards to suit a curvy customer so they are extra wide in the foot, spacious in the ankle to help slip them on and off and then bigger through the upper and expandable at the top. Many other brands just make them slightly wider at the top - with over a decade of experience, we understand that our customers are looking for true wide calf rain boots.

If you have not worn rain boots in years, try Jileon. Designed specifically to fit plus sized ladies, athletic calves, lymphedema sufferers and swollen feet, our boots have been allowing thousands of people to get active again. Remember they all come with free shipping as well.

If you don't need boots as wide as these, then take a look at our narrower boots

Wide Calf Rain Boots - up to 18 inch Calf

Half Height and Ankle Boots


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