Fleece Rain Boot Liners


• Top quality fleece boot liners that will ensure your feet are nice and warm all year round.
• Soft material to keep you comfy during walks
• Fully washable and hard wearing
• Wide fitting to roll over edge of boots and will fit larger legs

Shipping & Returns

- Free Delivery on all of our boots and liners

- Don't forget you can test our liners out indoors and return them if they don't fit.

- 30 days returns window so you have time to decide if they are right for you.

Care & Warranty

• 1 year no quibble warranty
• Durable polyester fleece which is machine washable

Warm Boot Liners


Make every stroll warm and comfy with our boot socks

Soft polyester fleece material keeps chills away

Washable and come in multiple colours

Over 100,000 pairs of Happy Feet

Designed for people who can't find rainboots in stores, our boots are unique. We are proud to have now got over 100,000 people into comfy fitting, durable waterproof boots. Not worn rainboots in years? Try Jileon.

Making Rainboots Since 2005

Invented as our sister in law could not find rainboots to fit, we have been designing wellington boots for curvy calves for over 17 years. Our unique moulds fit wide calves, feet and ankles. You won't find similar rainboots elsewhere.

Free Shipping from our US Warehouse

We are a UK based company, but have now operated in the US since 2014. Our stock is located in the US, so you get free shipping and easy returns. If you do need any advice, email us and we provide expert fitting advice and believe we really have a waterproof boot to fit everybody.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Patricia Bill

Great design, great design, great quality

Allison McMillan-Lee
Soft and comfy

At first, I feared they would be too tight but they seem to have some give to them. The foot part is longer and the calf width a bit tighter fit, but doable. A nice addition to the boots!

Noelle Tyler

Love the boots! Love them even more with the liners! What more can I say 🙂

Kristine Homme

Love, love, love these rain boots!

Mary Loomis
Too small

I got these to go with my extra wide calf boots and boy was it a mistake! They are far too tight. I bought them hoping I could just leave them in my boots, but if I want to use them at all I have to put them on first and then put my boots on. I also can't really use them when I have pants on other than leggings or skinny jeans and even then it's a struggle to get them on and they are uncomfortably tight. I really have not been using them and thus have not been using my boots because it's too cold here now to not have the liners. So disappointed. The one good thing I can say about them is that they are good quality, seem well made, and are nice and warm. I just wish I could actually use them.

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