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Wide Calf Rain Boots - Up to 18 inch calf - Glossy Purple

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So many of our customers have been asking us for our purple glossy boots in the wide calf version, that we thought it would be rude not to make them for you. The Jileon wide calf rain boot range has fitting up to 18 inch calf sizes and are still extra wide fit in the foot and ankle so they are easy to slip on and off.

Why we like them: Purple is such a great fit with jeans; stylish and glossy.

Sizing: Check the size guide link below - take your normal shoe size

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Warranty: 12 months

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fit and material issues

I really liked the look of the boots when I got them, but unfortunately "WIDE CALF" meant the ankle part was also so wide that when I put the boots on they didn't look right. The material just bunched up so much around my ankles that it looked wrong. It also would have been really awkward walking around in them because of this material flopping around. I wonder if the material being so soft is part of the problem - there is no real structure to it. It's just flimsy for what I expected. I sent them back and didn't re-order. You might still try them though - perhaps this was just a "me" issue.

So good you won’t believe they are real

These boots are so comfortable I can walk my dogs in them, they are true to size and flexible.

Boot Review

I have been trying to find boots that I can wear over my pants to work around our farm as well as clean stalls, etc. These boots are great! However, I was warned that they run small. In fact,mine are a bit big. Next time I will order a smaller size. I LOVE the color (purple) and variety of colors and styles available.

Rain boots

fit as indicated!


I had never been able to find boots that fit my calves. These worked perfectly for what I needed. They fit as expected and I use them almost daily. Fantastic boots.