Widest Calf Rain Boots in US - Free Shipping on All Boots

Wide Calf Rain Boots

For our customers who don't need the extra wide calf rainboots, we also have our wide calf range which cater for up to 18 inch calves. They do not expand at the top but are already much wider than normal in that area and are also extra wide in the foot and ankle to help get them on and off easily.

Many other companies claim to make wide calf boots, but our Jileon rainboots are designed specifically in our factory to fit plus sized ladies, athletic calves, lymphedema sufferers and swollen feet. With our comfy insoles built into all our boots and a 1 year warranty, you can be out there jumping in puddles again. Remember all of our boots come with free shipping as well.

If you do need a wider calf than 18 inches, take a look at our extra wide boots

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