Widest Calf Rainboots in US

How Jileon Was Born

About 11 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon in the UK, we were preparing to head out for a family walk when we noticed our sporty sister in law squeezing herself into a pair of ugly mens rain boots, which had been cut up the side with scissors. When we asked why she did not have a feminine pair, she said that she simply could not find any to fit her large calves. And Jileon was born!

Who We Are

We have remained a family run business, focused on providing a range of high quality wide calf and funky rain boots at a good price, backed by exceptional customer service. We are now expanding into the US after exceptional demand for our boots.

Although we are based in the UK, our stock and shipping are all managed by Amazon in the US, so you can be sure you are getting these great boots delivered quickly and at a reasonable price, and can use their no hassle returns methods as well.

Why Buy Jileon?

Jileon Wide Calf Rainboots

What We Do Differently

Despite being an online business. we like to hear from our customers as much as possible, and base many of our products and designs on customer feedback. For instance, our extra wide fit floral wellies were voted for in a customer survey, our purple glossy boots are the result of several customers' feedback and our top secret new extra wide fit design came from one customer's detailed input.

We are still a relatively small operation, so if you do have a particular welly need or thought, please tell us. We are always trying to create new products which our customers want, rather than what we want to sell, so don't be shy. Send us an email to usasales@jileon,com - we are always happy to hear from you.