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Trusted since 2005 | Over 200,000 Boots Sold

Happy Feet | 900+ Reviews

Try At Home | 60 Day Risk Free Returns

Half Height Rain Boots - Gray with White Spots - Wide Foot & Ankle

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• Wide foot boots specially designed for curvy women.
• Easy to slip on and off with wide foot and elasticated side
• Protect your normal shoes from rain damage, as these can be taken with you in a bag
• Treaded sole and padded insoles to give maximum grip and comfort
• 100% Waterproof


• Calf Width: Sit below calf- circumference of 17 inches at top
• Foot Width: Extra Wide
• Take normal shoe size or size down if between sizes
• Boot Height: 10 inches

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- Don't forget you can test our boots out indoors and return them if they don't fit.

Care & Warranty

• 1 year no quibble warranty
• Durable natural rubber made to last
• Store boots away from heat and direct sunlight to prevent damage
• Clean boots down after use
• 100% Waterproof

Easy to slip on and off with spacious foot

100% Waterproof

Treaded sole and padded insoles to give maximum grip and comfort

Natural rubber and fully vegan

Half Height Rainboots

Easy to Slip on and Off

Unique wide boot shaft so they are easy to slip on

Spacious in ankle to help with any flexibility issues

Wide in foot and toe box to keep your toes wiggling

Half Height Rainboots

Explore the Great Outdoors

Designed from sole upwards to fit people who can't find rainboots

Fully waterproof against pesky puddles and mucky mud

Padded insoles and mud dispersing tread for comfy walks

Half Height Rainboots

Environmentally Sustainable

100% Vegan

Handmade from natural rubber sourced ethically

Durable with our 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Linda Holton
Finally Boots That Fit

I’m plus size and trying to find rain boots that fit around my calf’s have been a challenge. These boots fit great! I can even step right into them instead of struggling to put them on. Thank you for a product that works. Worth every dollar I spent.

Lovely boots - would LOVE an anatomic toe

I have wide feet, a high instep and very short legs, which makes the curve of my calf very acute. The boots have room for the width of my foot and my high instep. (Support told me that the ankle boot had less headroom for high instep) I need a sock to make them fit well. I like them. I wear minimalist shoes. What would make these boots perfect would be an anatomic toe (rather than a pointed one) - I can't wear any of my (minimalist, anatomic toe) shoes or sandals inside.


I haven't worn rain boots since I was a kid. I have big feet (US size 12) and kinda big calves, so that combination has made it difficult to find cute WOMEN'S rain boots that actually fit. I found these, ordered a pair, and crossed my fingers that they'd actually fit....and they do! I absolutely love these! I've been wearing them to do landscape and garden work outside so far. They're absolutely perfect; adorable, durable, supportive, and comfortable. I'm excited to order more styles! Thank you for existing Jileon!!!

Love these boots!

This is my second pair, my daughter took my first pair, just wish I could get navy blue with dots in half boot.

Jennifer Yates

They fit perfectly. Room at the top and in the ankle area. Super comfortable and so glad I finally found rain boots to fit me. So glad I purchased these.

Over 200,000 pairs of Happy Feet

Designed for people who can't find rainboots in stores, our boots are unique. We are proud to have now got over 200,000 people into comfy fitting, durable waterproof boots. Not worn rainboots in years? Try Jileon.

Making Rainboots Since 2005

Invented as our sister in law could not find rainboots to fit, we have been designing wellington boots for curvy calves for over 17 years. Our unique moulds fit wide calves, feet and ankles. You won't find similar rainboots elsewhere.

Free Shipping and Easy Returns

We are a UK based company, but have now operated in the US since 2014. Our stock is located in the US, so you get free shipping and easy returns. If you do need any advice, email us and we provide expert fitting advice and believe we really have a waterproof boot to fit everybody.

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